Joshua One Services

Specific Services Include

- Comprehensive Project/Construction Management

- Home Building and Customization

Buyer Selections Management​​

- Closing & Customer Service Follow-up 

- Securing Entitlements and/or Zoning Approvals

- Land Acquisition Assistance

What Makes Us Different

At Joshua One, we lead a team of committed specialists with significant experience in urban residential transformation.  We provide technology-enabled development and home building services to refine the vision and accelerate the results!  We offer Full Scale Vertical Development (from land to live-ability) and/or specific services such as Project/Construction Management, Buyer Selections Oversight and/or Financial Advisory Services.  

- Think and manage like an owner

- Leverage technology into every aspect of the development process

- Significant real estate, project management and overall financial experience

- Specialize in accelerating projects thereby improving overall results

- Understand residential customer service requirements